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Inside The Digital Lab, you will find a growing supportive network full of like minded entrepreneurs, all wanting their businesses to grow and want that flow of 5 star clients. They also understand that it doesn't have to be hard, or lonely growing a business and that you can achieve everything you want from your business if you have a system and stick to it.

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Love the group Anita Wong - so much support and knowledge x Carol Hanson

I am so glad I am a member! It is an amazing group with such helpful support and much more! ❤️Claudia Dickson

Great place to learn and hangout with Anita ❤️Bridget Nadeau

The Membership Includes monthly live training, guest trainings and support plus content modules for you to work through at your own pace.

The aim of the Digital Lab is to simplifies the technology and systems you need to understand to enable you to improve your skills and knowledge to up-level your digital marketing including video, social media, email capture and understand the Apps used to create a rock-solid strategy that will attract your 5 star clients.

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What our members are saying...

“I have been working with Anita for several years and she is absolutely AMAZING. Anita loves anything to do with Tech and always keeps herself ahead of the latest apps and social media developments. She is a fantastic teacher and incredibly generous with her time - she wants to help you learn how to do it. Recently I've been working with Anita on her 'done for you' lead magnet project and its great to be able to hand over all the material and then for an expert to put it all together for you. As soon as I posted it I have a tonne of subscribers. If you want someone to help you with social media, websites or your tech then I highly recommend Anita”

Carole Bozkurt

“Anita is so generous with her knowledge and understanding of 'how to' get things done on social media. So often, we're advised 'what' to do and then left in the lurch. With Anita, she makes sure you know what to do and how to do it. She helped me use Wave video on my Facebook page. I went from two hours to twenty minutes to make a short video. With Anita, the results include greater confidence, skills, and visibility for your business. Make sure you join her next course or workshop! ”

Lynne Stainthorpe - Big Idea Brand Marketing - 25th November 2019

“Throughout 2019 I have been working with Anita on her year long program coaching entrepreneurs on leveraging Facebook and Instagram. The pace of the program has been fantastic, working on different topics over 4-8 weeks depending on the complexity of the subject. Anita's passion for social media is simply addictive! With her help I've certainly upped my game and learnt so much that's really benefited my business. Anita is very knowledgable and keeps herself right up to date with any changes to the platforms and shows how to use various apps and programs to improve the quality of your content. I'd thoroughly recommend working with Anita and am looking forward to what she has to teach us in 2020!”

Carol Hanson - Want Her Outfit - 6th December 2019

“The difference with Anita is that she doesn't leave it at that but continues to offer help at different stages of my business. I just had some time with Anita to manage my social media and website content which is a hands-on session and in which Anita doesn't just complete but also teaches me at the same time how to implement newly learnt info myself. I find that incredibly helpful and very beneficial to my future business. Anita has a lot of expertise and energy and I can recommend Anita highly to anyone! Claudia Dickson”

Claudia Dickson

The Tech Queen herself!

Anita Wong

Digital Marketing Strategist and Web Designer

I've been a freelance marketing manager for a successful real estate agent in West London for 6 years, also during this time I have helped small/medium size business learn how to use digital marketing to grow their own businesses and build their own websites using WordPress without having to rely on others to do this. Now, I help successful entrepreneurs and business owners to use their social media platforms and websites to effectively reach their marketing goals and improve their return on investment.   Something you may not know about me! I'm the mother of 4 teenage daughters, 3 furry friends and World No 5 at BMX racing, all whilst running my own successful marketing business.