Course curriculum

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    January Training - 7th January 2020 2:30pm

    • Live Recording of January 7th 2020 - Goal Setting for First Quarter 2020 plus downloadable workbooks

    • Social Media Goals 30 Day Action Plan Workbook January 2020

    • Social Media Goals Slideshow

  • 3

    January Live Q&A Call 21st January 2:30pm BST

    • Live Implementation Call held on Jan 21st

  • 4

    February Digital Lab Live Call 4th & 11th February

    • Introduction to New Members 4th February 14.30hrs GMT

    • Introduction to New Members 4th February 20:00hrs GMT

    • Introduction to new members 11th February 14:30hrs GMT call

  • 5

    Feb 2020 Live Calls

    • Feb 18th 2.30pm Live Call

    • Feb 18th 8pm Live Call

  • 6

    Getting Ready For Live Video

    • Getting Into Live Video Live Training

    • The Camera Equipment I recommend for Live video

    • Live Stream Checklist

    • Digital Lab Lights Camera Action presentation slides

  • 7

    Facebook Live Video Module

    • How to Go Live from your Facebook Business page

    • How to Go Live into your Facebook Group

    • How to Go Live from your Mobile Phone onto your business page

    • How to edit your Live stream to your business page after you have gone Live from your desktop or mobile

  • 8

    March 2020 Live Calls

    • Live Training Call Tuesday 3rd March 2020

    • Live Training March 17th

  • 9

    Using Zoom To Go Live and hold meetings

    • Using Video in Social

    • Zoom's Basic Settings

    • How to schedule a Zoom call registered and non registered participants

    • How to Live Stream Using Zoom into Facebook

    • How to host a 1 to 1 or conference meeting using Zoom immediately (not scheduled)

    • How to share your mobile using Zoom

  • 10

    StreamYard Live Streaming

    • To try StreamYard Click Link Below

    • Introduction to StreamYard

    • How to set your Live Stream Destinations inside StreamYard

    • The StreamYard Studio - What you need to know before going Live

    • How to schedule a Live Video inside StreamYard

  • 11

    Digital Lab Live Call 31st March

    • Live Training Call 31st March 2020

  • 12

    Video Repurposing

    • Intro to video repurposing

    • How to use Kapwing to create your subtitles without an srt file

    • How to use to create your srt file

    • How to use Clipomatic to create video with captions

  • 13

    Mobile video repurposing

    • How to use the Videoshop mobile App

  • 14

    Video Repurposing Module - How to use

    • Lesson 1 editor overview

    • Lesson 2 Choose your Templates

    • Lesson 3 Video 1 How to upload your own images or videos

    • Lesson 3 Video 2 How to search the marketplace

    • Lesson 3 Video 3 Your marketplace rights

    • Lesson 4 Video 1 The difference between group and free text

    • Lesson 4 Video 2 How to edit your text

    • Lesson 4 Video 3 How to highlight text, change to upper case and resizing text

    • Lesson 4 Video 4 Adding Text lines to your video

    • Lesson 4 Video 5 Your text CTA

    • Lesson 5 Video 1 The video timeline

    • Lesson 5 Video 2 Your video transitions

    • Lesson 6 Video 1 The music library

    • Lesson 6 Video 2 Uploading your own audio

    • Lesson 6 Video 3 How to trim your audio, trim and fade in and fade out

    • Lesson 7 Video 1 Graphics and Stickers

    • Lesson 7 Video 2 Editing stickers and Gifs

    • Lesson 8 Video 1 Direct downloads

    • Lesson 8 Video 2 Sharing to your social profiles

  • 15

    Digital Lab Live Call 28th April

    • 30 Day Planner

    • 30 Day Planner Word Doc File

    • 7 Day week by week planner

  • 16

    May Trainings - TubeBuddy

    • Live Training With Rob Balasabas 12th May 2020 14:30pm BST

    • Live Q&A 26th May 2020 2:30pm BST

  • 17

    June Training - Facebook Ads

    • Live Facebook Ads Training With Claudia Sheridan Wednesday 3rd June 2:30pm BST

    • Live Q&A Tuesday 16th June 2020 2:30pm BST

    • Vision Board Training

  • 18

    July Training - Pinterest

    • Live Q&A Tuesday 21st July 2020 2:30pm BST

    • Live Pinterest Training with Eve Token Tuesday 7th July 2020 2:30pm TBC

  • 19

    August 2020 Energetic Content

    • Writing From Your Soul by Anneliese McKay


“Anita is a fantastic trainer. She's so knowledgable and explains the nuances of Facebook and Instagram really well. I'm a member of her Digital Lab program and I've learned so much and been able to implement her recommendations to great effect. Highly recommended.”

Carol Hanson.

“Anita's Social Media Mastery course is amazing. I love the way Anita teaches tech. Firstly, she uses bite-sized videos with clear instructions. The videos are short and easy to follow - just like 'show and tell'. Then Anita reviews the work and makes suggestions for improvements. She also runs weekly calls so you can ask questions and get more help. Brilliant!”

Lynne Stainthorpe.

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